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Trends come and go. My goal in any project is to create spaces that exude comfort, practicality and that can withstand the test of time. Above all, I want my clients to feel at home in any space I design for them. 

My name is Lauren Richardson and I am the creator + owner of Olivewood Interiors. We specialize in offering interior design consultations, space planning, decorating and handle a wide range of other needs. Aside from our services, my vision was to create a one-stop shop and online marketplace for all things home. A curated site of items that make people feel inspired. 

After graduating in Southwest Florida with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, I was so ready to jump into the field I am so passionate about! Having the opportunity to work for a national commercial/residential design firm in Naples, FL for several years helped me hone in and shape my aesthetic while providing me the skills and know-how to navigate through the design business. I have a passion for celebrating beautiful design and appreciating old world traditions. I'm so excited to be back in Canada to pursue my dream of helping others achieve theirs.

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